A gasket needed to be mounted onto one of Continental’s TCUs to create a seal at the inter face to the gearbox housing. Ordinarily, Continental would design a connector sealing inter face that could use a standard gasket. However, on this occasion, a solution was needed to suit its customer’s inter face and their
specific requirements. Also, Continental wished to protect the gasket during shipping to its global manufacturing facilities and to ensure correct and speedy installation over high volumes.


Trelleborg designed a bespoke gasket to seal Continental’s TCU to the customer’s gearbox that accommodated the large tolerances in the application. Thinking beyond the product, Trelleborg developed an innovative packaging solution in partnership with Continental, to ensure optimum shape and protection of the gasket during transit, as well as ease of installation.
Alexander Stapf Logistic Director Global Supply Chain Management,
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions