Douce-Hydro, designer and manufacturer of hydraulic systems and cylinders for a wide range of industries, approached Trelleborg Sealing Solutions for a universal solution for its heavy-duty accumulator and tensioner cylinders for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry. They required seals that would withstand a challenging marine
environment, five meter stroke lengths, and special waterglycol fluids while providing an excellent scraping effect. A unique aspect of the project was the necessity for a universal solution for use with three different rod coatings, including the new LaserteK® 1000 coating, which provides unrivalled resistance against abrasion and corrosion.


Following five months of testing at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions R&D in Helsingør, Denmark, the optimum materials were determined to be Zurcon® Z80 in conjunction with PTFE based Turcon® M04, depending on the location of the seals within the cylinder. The Excluder® S design was chosen for its outstanding scraping effect in marine environments. A working relationship between the customer, the Helsingør facility and local technical and sales support in France resulted in rapid testing and reactivity to results and design decisions, and ultimately, in the customer winning new business.
Britta Munk Laboratory Technician Helsingør


We really appreciated the strong partnerships and close collaboration between each of the participants in the project, Trelleborg’s global logistics network and their reactivity and quick start of the tests with the three different rod coatings.

Jean-Marc Vandenbulke, CEO of Douce-Hydro

Customer benefits

  • Close cooperation between customer and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions operations led to customized solutions
  • Trelleborg Sealing Solutions research and development led testing fulfilled customer’s requirements
  • Local support from marketing companies and global logistics network accelerated design and delivery cycle